Guilt Starbucks Into Giving You Free Coffee

a href=””>Jake says that if you call 1-(800) 235-2883 and tell Starbucks what stinkers they are for not honoring the iced coffee coupons, they will send you a $5 giftcard.

The rep also told Jake that one Starbucks lost over $300,000.00 due to the previous coupon campaign going too far.

Wonder how much they can lose if this “coffee hack” gets popularized…

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UPDATED: Get A Free Starbucks Iced Coffee. Not Really!


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  1. ADM says:

    They “lost” $300,000 assuming that everyone with a coupon would’ve actually *bought* the overpriced drink at full price if they didn’t have a coupon. They probably made money from the people who bought something else while picking up their free drink, which I would guess was most of the point of offering the coupons to begin with.

  2. If you write Starbucks for nearly any problem you have there like long waits or repeatedly messed up drinks, they’ll often respond to you with a mostly form letter and vouchers for a free drink of your choice.

    Though this lawsuit is definitely going up there with frivolous. “Boo hoo hoo, a coupon I was never meant to get wasn’t honored… PAY ME!” Maybe this person should go find a McDonald’s drive-thru with loose coffee lids next?

  3. AcilletaM says:

    Does this mean you also end up on their mailing list?

  4. moneyunder30 says:

    They said one Starbucks lost $300k? From knowledge I have of the company that would be just under 6 months revenue at an “average” location. Sure their margins might be high, but half a year’s revenue would matter to that store. Anyway, even if you don’t have a free coupon, you can alwasy bring in a dingy old cup and get a $0.50 refill! The barista will hate you but they have to say yes.

  5. Quazie says:

    I didin’t get a free $5, but rather a coupon that I can use for 1 free drink of any kind.

  6. notlazyjustdontcare says:

    I may have tried too late. Today the lady confirmed that the email coupon was bogus, but wouldn’t give me anything to appease me, even after I not-so-subtly asked her to. That pairs well with making coffee at home.