New Pens! Cheap!

I bought three boxes of my favorite pens on eBay. They arrived. Compare the silkiness and plenitude of the three boxes to the two, gnawed, scratchy pens I’d somehow been scraping by with for like, oh, two months. These babies usually retail for $16.99 per box of 12 but I snagged 36 pens for $19.20 plus $3.95 S&H. My life is five thousand times better right now.

It looks like the seller, thistles-n-things, has a whole bunch more for sale, too.


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  1. Congratulations on your uhh…pen acquisition.

  2. Got a bit of an oral fixation there Ben?

  3. kerry says:

    Those are pretty good pens. What eBay seller did you get them from, so that the rest of us may find such awesome deals?

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Crayon, yes, I can’t stop chewing my pens.

    The ebay seller was “thistles-n-things.” If you check their items for sale, it looks like they have a whole bunch more pens, too.

  5. thatabbygirl says:

    The Pilot Precise pen truly is the king of pens. I favor the blue, extra fine version. I’ve even managed to convince my office manager to order them for me – but I have to intercept them before they make it to the supply closet or they disappear.

    As I fondly remember from law school, they’re also great for drawing tattoos on yourself during boring classes.

  6. JackieTreehorn says:

    I must concur that those are damn good pens. I love the red ones.

    I just wish they were push-pens instead of capped.

  7. RandomHookup says:

    I always get my pens at

  8. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    Ah, Pen Island, you simple fools. I saw that list of worst company domain names too, classic stuff. Thanks for the chuckle Random.

  9. JAFO says:


    I had not seen that one before.


  10. been a huge fan of uniball jetstream pens for just over a year now. smooth flow, and with a little heft. i’ve actually run two of ’em dry, as opposed using them for a couple days and then losing them into the never-ending flow of pens floating around work. good pens are so hard to find.

    plus, the caps snap into place and take a little force to unseat. whenever i loan one to someone, i get the satisfaction of seeing them press on the ends or trying to unscrew the cap. finding humor in the riffraff’s inability to figure out a pen may be a cheap laugh, but i’ll take it.

  11. GenXCub says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve purchased pens on eBay as well. I have different criteria. In Las Vegas, leaving pens in your car usually means “pen explosion.” I use pens that don’t explode when it’s 110 outside. Usually uniballs. The pens in the photo above exploded. We use those at work.

  12. don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner, but what do you suppose the odds are that a) the supply closet at this person’s work is looking pretty threadbare, or b) they work at an office supply store whose shelves are a little lighter than they were a few days ago?

  13. Demingite says:

    I have been a Uniball Micro devotee for years — I use those for “serious” writing.

    Sarasa retractable pens — made in Japan by Zebra, and available at Kmart (but not at Target, Wal-Mart, or big-box office stores for some strange reason) — are fantastic. I recommend them. Every other brand of non-black retractable pens I’ve tried has been inferior — uneven ink flow, rough feel on paper, uncomfortable feel in hand.