UPDATE: Circuit City Ripping Off Xbox 360 Customers

On Friday, we noted an underhanded tactic Circuit City appeared to be foisting on unsuspecting Xbox 360 customers. A sign in their Newport Beach offered to charge customers $29.95 for a product upgrade they would get for free via Live Update or from a Microsoft patch CD.

A commenter on Kotaku claims to work at the very same Circuit City store. He says that the staff never attempted to upsell the service. If a customer asked about it, they explained it was, “a waste of money unless there is NO WAY you would be able to update it on your own or absolutely didn’t want to.”

Furthermore, the clever money-making scheme came from an in-store manager who no longer works at the store.

The only time the employee did the service was for a “VERY rich looking customer who ABSOLUTELY insisted on having every single little thing and wanted to take it home as up to date as possible because her whole family “Like, TOTALLY didn’t know anything about this Nintendo stuff.”


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  1. Kangarara says:

    Uh… ‘this Nintendo stuff’…?

    Credibility meter dropping rapidly ….

  2. Even if we buy that this particular employee told people this service wasn’t necessary how do we know that all of the employees always say so? Why doesn’t the sign state that this is for people having trouble with the FREE update? Does it even make sense that the store would offer a service and then have the employees tell customers that the whole thing is a rip-off?

    Besides, why should the “rich looking” customer believe it’s easy to do if the store is charging $30 for it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only people I can see actually going through with the sale is 40-something parents who have no idea what they’re buying such as getting GTA:SA for their 11-year old daughter. Noobs.