Mon… Er…. Tuesday Reader Round-Up

Usually, we plead on Mondays. Give us your complaints, your stories, your tips! Save us the drudgery of working for our measly Gawker allowance.

But this Monday, it was Labor Day, which we were ironically spending in sloth. Begging can wait while drinking commences.

But, even though it’s a day later, we still need your tips. In the last week, over 20 posts came directly from our readers. And that’s just the ones we remembered to tag. Ultimately, if it’s juicy, if it’s not petty, if it’s American… we want to hear about it. We can’t have all the misery heaped upon our own shoulders; The Consumerist is our way of casting our nets.

Last week’s readers-inspired stories, after the jump.

Yo Quiero Your Stolen Cellphone
CVS Won’t Accept You’re Not Stacy
Cablevision Won’t Take No Answer For An Answer
iPod Mechanic Emerges From Repairs
HOWTO: Rebate Whore
Comcast Statement on TV Guide Ads
Macbook Random Shutdown of Doom
iPod Mechanic Bristles Over Post
Another Motorola V3i Stops Working For No Good Reason, Wants $175
Geico Doesn’t Know Whose Car You Drive
UPDATE: Comcast Guide Re-Added
GE Lethargic In Aiding Fiery Dishwasher Recall
Motorola V3i Stops Working For No Good Reason, Wants To Charge $175
Time Warner Doesn’t Know Your Secret Question
Check The Pump Button
UPDATE: Comcast Guide De-Added
Adding Ads To Guide Channel, Comcast Perturbs
Secret Verizon Level Probed Further
Yet Another Secret Level of Verizon Service You Can’t Have
Why Target Kicks Walmart’s Ass
Geek Squad Gouges
The Power of Chase Compels You! The Power of Chase Compels You!