Wanted: Singing, Kung-Fu Stewardesses

What are the requirements to be a flight attendant? A cute wiggle. A superhuman patience with the bovanity of humankind. The ability to comfortably work for hours at a time in panty hose.

Those are all tall orders. But for prospective stewardesses for China’s Sichuan Airlines, their chances of getting a coveted air hostess job got even harder: they need to know how to dance, sing and do kung-fu.

    As well as being aged between 18 and 24 with a knowledge of Korean, skilled in singing and dancing and of “nice appearance”, the new flight attendants will be trained as “part-time security guards” on the flights. “There’s no specific type of martial art we require, it could be kung fu or tae kwon do,” said Cai Chao, a Sichuan Airlines spokesperson

The thought of stewardesses breaking into an impromptu Korean dance routine when the concession cart rolls around, or doing a series of butterfly kicks up the aisle? They delight me.

Sichuan Airlines Flight Attendants Will Kick Your Ass [Upgrade Travel]