Monday Reader Round-Up

Hey, it’s a new week, and that means our tip coffer is running dry. We can’t do this site without tips: we’re only two black souls and we alone can only have so many roto-reamings from an industry fed, in a strange bit of recursion, by the very proceeds from a web site trumpeting their failings.

As this site grows, more and more of our day’s stories come from tips. Whether it’s a tip on free Verizon Wireless minutes that explodes into a wave of identity theft paranoia, a story about a great gym, a picture of spontaneously exploding furniture or a link to a snarky film student’s lame Starbucks skewering, you guys are the drip on your own IV.

So if you’ve got something newsworthy to tell us, send it in. We’ll post it or disregard it, but we’ll always read it.

As usual, the round-up of last week’s reader stories follows the jump.

Verizon Does Nice Things, For Nice People
UPDATED: Verizon Wireless Does Something Nice
Consumerist Lesson of the Day: Good Service Should Not Be Treated Cynically.
Consumer Blasts Verizon With Car Windows
Please Copy 415 Serial Numbers To Complete Your Apple Battery Recall
Ex-HP CSR Says His Job Really Sucked
Ex-HP CSR Says Broke 3000 Series Printers Are Hopeless
Sunglass Hut = The New DMV
Apple Battery Exchange Call Center Kinda Busy Right now
UPDATE: Time Warner Pays Inexplicable House Call
Armor of God PJ’s
TWC Tells Customer To Shove ‘A Pack Of Matches’ Under Broken Router
Consumerist Investigates: Scam?
The Ad Starbucks Doesn’t Want You To See… Because It Sucks.
Travelodge Santa Cruz Found Mad Skanky
Time Warner Pays Inexplicable House Call, Consumerist Helps
Yeah Dude, Walgreens Blows

Walgreen’s Pharmacists Plot to Kill Customers, CVS Hugs Them

Chase Pitches Imaginary Credit Card
Orbitz Customer Cancels Reservation For Spite
Even TWC’s Customer Service System Is Broken
The Onion Peels Verizon’s Redonkulous Billing ‘System’
UPDATE: Comcast Tech Fails Installing Cable to Customer’s Heart
Exploding Glass Adveco TV Stand

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