Blue Horseshoe Really Does Not Love Adelphia

Yet another reason to not sign up with Adelphia…

…even if you think they’re the only hi-speed internet game in town.


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  1. TedSez says:

    Things that are preferable to dealing with Adelphia for your TV signal:

    1. DirecTV
    2. Dish Network
    3. Any other cable company
    4. Rabbit ears
    5. Watching TV at the neighbor’s house
    6. Watching TV at the gym
    7. Drawing pictures of desks on your TV screen and pretending you’re watching “The Office”
    8. Making up your own “Lost” episodes and acting them out with your friends

  2. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    Um….I don’t know if you’ve noticed it yet, but Adelphia has been divided between Comcast and Time Warner; final transfer of customers at the end of the month. So what’s that about not signing up with them?