Starbucks’ Subversive Employees Please Customers

We find this tale of Starbucks satisfaction, courtesy of Evan D, just so very cute. Notice anything interesting about it?

    On Sunday, August 20, my entire family visited the Starbucks store located at 3101 South Western Ave, Marion, IN at 8:00 PM. (Yes, the same Marion of “Taco Bell Sauce Dump” fame.) They were downright swamped, and there were only 3 people working. One taking drive thru orders and making drive thru drinks, one on dine in register, and one making dine in drinks. As you can imagine, it took a while to make all of those drinks (around 10 minutes). But here’s the good part.

    Most of my family ordered Talls, but one or two of us ordered Grande drinks. However, when we received our drinks, we all received Ventis. Our receipt showed the right sizes that we ordered. We questioned the Starbucks staff about it, and they said that they were upsizing them because of the wait that we had had. I work in fast food (unfortunately), and know that giving away free items is costly. But what was even more amazing was that there did not seem to be a manager in the store. I know from experience that when managers are gone, things tend to go downhill at a restaurant. But in this case, they appeared to do the exact opposite.

    I applaud Starbucks for their amazing customer service and low-level employee training. While their free upsize did add a few hundred calories to our drinks, I still applaud them. Let’s say that Starbucks has secured my business for a long time. Thanks!

That’s right… satisfaction came only when Starbucks management was left completely out of the loop. Yeah… that seems about right.