Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• What is the minimum annual tax that a one person LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) must pay in New York? [Link]
• Is there a way to see (for free) the driving record information that car insurance companies use when setting their premiums? [Link]
• Please give advice on a purchasing a new washing machine and dryer. [Link]
• Six months ago, my 50-year-old mother had a serious stroke, and the nursing home that she’s in now considers her recovered enough to move on to an assisted living or daily home health care situation. I’m trying to help my 75-year-old grandparents figure out what to do. [Link]
• What is the best website to use to get cheap airline tickets to Europe (specifically Amsterdam or Prague)? [Link]
• What software should I use/purchase to protect my privacy on the internet? [Link]
• What are some practical measures for minimizing bedbug exposure during domestic (US) hotel stays? [Link]
• Can bedbugs survive an airplane flight if they hitch a ride in your (checked) luggage? [Link]

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