AOL User 2281868: Looking For Gay Black Superman With An Overbite

We might have to start an AOL YTMND round-up, if the hysterical fad of combing the AOL User Search Records for the worst of human depravity continues.

But here’s another great one: meet AOL user 2281868. What do we know about him?

• He’s into jazz.
• He’s into bestiality.
• He’s into pictures of old ladies who look like Hilary Clinton naked.
• He wants to find black gay overbite porn.
• He wants to know if “niggers have X-Ray vision”.
• He’s also curious whether or not “niggers are Satan or gremlins or demons.”

And he’s very interested in the vaginas of Aghan Collies.

Thanks again to AOL! I’d personally love to see the New York Times get in touch with user 2281868, wouldn’t you?

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