UPDATE: Outside Pride Lawncare Hates Faggy CBS

If you would like to tell Troy, the owner of OutsidePride.com just what you think about his queerCBSbashing email, here’s his contact info:

Troy Hake – troyh@outsidepride.com

You may want to consider using “antediluvian” in your message. It’s an awesome word.

The ability of people to freely express their opinion is what makes this country great. Likewise, the right of others to respond in public debate, and WHOIS.net.


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  1. Checked blog search today, and there is at least 10 posts about his email. Yesterday, my link and post to Consumerist was the only one. The word is spreading.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    If nothing else, you have released Troy’s email address into the wild, free to be captured by all the little spammers. Your work here is done.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    John T. writes:

    “My friend use to answer a phone line for a 1-800 number and his boss would be furious when his out of state girlfriend called since all long distance charges get deferred to the owner of the number. If people call the 1-877 number to complain, then Troy will have to pay, literally, for his intolerance.”

  4. This story has finally hits the nets. I am getting hits from searches on his name.

    Also, over at Daily Kos,their post on this has 108 comments currently.

  5. Demingite says:

    Apparently homophobia is “Christian” to Troy Hake, while entertainment centered around stories of murder (“Cold Case”) is “wholesome family entertainment.” I find this difficult to understand.

  6. Magicube says:

    But somehow Consumerist.com can call people “cock smokers” and that’s not homophobic. What a cool trick – associate people you find distasteful with a homosexual activity in order to put them down, and that’s o.k. Or are you associating such behavior with heterosexual women to give weight to your putdown? It gets so complex…

  7. Acemanlove says:

    check out this parody of OutsidePride.com