Is it Legal To Record Your Own Customer Service Calls?

Whenever we talk about recording customer service calls, someone always chimes in about wiretap laws. While far from being lawyers, we think it’s okay and here’s why.

1) A business is not a private party.
2) The business does not “have a reasonable expectation of privacy.” If they’re “recording the call for quality assurance purposes,” how can they expect the call to be confidential?
3) When people are prosecuted under wiretap law, it’s nearly always because of something else. The call was used to expose a murderer, or a political sex scandal. Not that they’re late in shipping your copy of Guitar Hero.
4) A company is more likely to sue the call’s publisher.
5) A PR meltdown would ensue from a company prosecuting a customer in this manner. And frankly,
6) They have better things to do.

For ultimate safety, the states that do require consent of all parties are listed in this chart.

You can’t make a cup of coffee without being liable for a dozen violations. But we encourage the plucky to record and send us their customer service calls. We got your back.

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