CCBill Professional In The Face of Non-Linear Sexual Cravings

You know, honestly, we’re just posting this one for the second sentence…

    I am a long-time reader, first-time responder. I currently have an account with, used to provide me with access to pornography of a very specific nature. Two days ago I tried to access a website that used the verification system, only to be told that my account name/password were invalid, despite the fact that had just billed me for that very access fee two days ago. Tonight I called the customer service number on the website, informed the first-level CSR that I was having trouble accessing my torture-based pornography, and was transferred immediately to a second-level CSR. This man (Jason?) accessed my records, solved my problems, and was entirely nonplussed by the nature of my call. That, in my opinion, is the very model of a Modern Major CSR. No embarrassing questions were asked, no multiple requests for identification were issued, and my problem was solved within three minutes of my initial phone call. I know this is not a Breaking News item, but it is reassuring to know that there are some service-based companies still in existence that recognize the value of a rapid response/solution time.

We appreciate B.D.’s candor. We’re also forced to reveal ourselves to be more easily bemused than CCBill by inviting all Consumerist commentors to join us in the comment thread and mull over exactly what kind of “pornography of a very specific nature” B.D. is talking about!

What unnatural lust throbs through B.D’s loins? Is it something as innocent and piquant as masturbatory foot fetishism? Spanking? Or is it more disturbing, like women giving birth to live, slimy mollusks? Fatty Grannies Go Equine? The possibilities are just endless.

As a PS, kudos to CCBill for demonstrating a professionalism completely out of our reach. If you are manacled to a socially awkward sexual deviation, you might do worse than do your business through CCBill.

Edit: DANG! We’re idiots. By which I mean I (John Brownlee) am. I missed his clarification in my first read: torture-based porn. Hmmm. Well, different strokes…

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