Sheraton President Blocks Off 30 Rooms For Personal Use, Your Reservation Be Damned

With this type of “No room at the inn” you would think it was the second birth of our Lord and Savior. Though, this unholy reservation, and botched reservation, earns a “Jesus Christ.”

Brandon booked a room at the Sheraton Gateway for himself and a colleague on business . Later, he added a room under his name for a third associate. When he arrived at check in, close to midnight, he found that in altering the reservation, Sheraton accidentally changed the reservation to a week later.

In spite of this being Sheraton’s error, they offered no discounts or help with finding alternate accommodations. “Sorry, we’re sold out all this week,” the friendly clerks chirped.

After further wrangling, the travelers managed to wrest out one room for each of them from the clerks.

When pressed, the check in clerk revealed the reason for the hotel’s lack of vacancy. The hotel’s president was in and blocked off thirty rooms for the rest of the week. What he planned to do with all those rooms was not clear.

The trio did end up having a good night’s sleep, down the road at the Larkspur Landing.

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