US Airways to Sell Ads on Barf Bags

Desperate to squeeze dollars from every possible orifice, US Airways announced plans to turn air sickeness bags into revenue streams.

“They’re in every back seat pocket,” said spokesman Phil Gee. “We figure while it’s there, why don’t we make it multipurpose?”

Phil says Dramamine would be a “brilliant” prospect for the new eyeball space.

“Little things like that work,” said Michael Boyd, president of the Boyd Group, an aviation consulting group in Evergreen, Colorado. “Barf bags have a lot of shelf life — people aren’t barfing as much in planes as they used to.”

No word was offered about the portion of the population sickened by advertising, for whom the plan offers a sort of infinite, vomitous, feedback loop.

Barfbag to Billboard” [CNN] (Thanks to Paul!)


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  1. Paul D says:

    “We figure while it’s there, why don’t we make it multipurpose?”

    You know what? Everybody’s got skin! Just think of all that advertizing space just being wasted!

    Where does it end?

    / not that barf-bags are sacred or anything, but sheesh. everything’s a f*cking dollar sign to these bastards.

  2. bambino says:

    Already taken care of, Paul D. There’s that boxer that has some casino name temporarily tattooed across his back when he fights.

  3. Ben says:

    I think that churches could advertise here, as in “Jesus Christ I think we’re about to crash!” followed quickly by “Oh, look, they have services every day at 6:00!

  4. Paul, these days the airlines need every f*cking dollar sign they can get to stay afloat. I won’t fault them for doing anything they can to stay in the black.

  5. creamsissle says:

    Advertising on barfbags is nothing… What about the college student who became a millionaire by selling pixels on a website (The Million Dollar Homepage)?

  6. Dustbunny says:

    “people aren’t barfing as much in planes as they used to.” I wonder why that is? Any theories? It’s certainly not because flying is more comfortable now than it used to be.

  7. Pelagius says:

    Qantas has had barf bags doubling as photo processing bags for some time now. One hopes, for the sake of the local drugstore photo clerk, that the contents don’t get mixed up too often…

  8. etinterrapax says:

    Maybe airsickness is down because people who get airsick aren’t flying as much. Since 9/11, those for whom it was never pleasurable to begin with have been supplied with a boatload of new reasons to just take Amtrak instead.

    Or perhaps, like me, they have discovered the wonders of Bonine, which prevents airsickness without causing many of the Dramamine side effects. Though, honestly, the side effects of Dramamine are nothing compared to the abject humiliation of throwing up on a plane in front of half the free world. Like quarters aren’t close enough as it is.

  9. Roosh says:

    I’d like to see which companies pay money to be associated with vomit.

  10. Aph says:

    Ambercrombie and F. They got the monopoly on Bulimia nervosa. And have showed an obvious interest in Advertising to sick kids in the past.

  11. AcilletaM says:

    You don’t have to be knocked out, taking an 8 count in the center of the ring to be a human billboard. There are websites where you can whore your body out as advertising space. The thing that sucks is having the ‘Clear Channel’ logo tattooed across your ass.