Ads Call Graffiti ‘Pollution’; Grafiiti Says, ‘Likewise’

BBDO launched a pro-bono advertising campaign for the city of San Francisco desgined to curb graffiti.

Its premise is that you don’t stop it in your neighborhood, soon taggers will overtake your house.


Disgruntled graph artists caught the slings and arrows of outrage in their teeth, and returned fire across the bow, after the jump…



The small text reads: “According to SF Public Works Code Article 23 SEC.1301 graffiti results in visual pollution and is hereby deemed a public nuisance. There’s just one thing they forgot to mention…ADVERTISING IS “VISUAL POLLUTION”.”

The response you’re looking for, BBDO, is “touch


Readers may remember a similar response when Sony PSP tried to do graffiti in San Fran and got reamed. San Fran will kill you! With patchouli!

Via Wooster Collective and Adrants.

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