The News; Uniquely Toxic and Loving It

• Well that was awfully nice of them. [LAT] “Novartis to Invest $600 Million in Flu Vaccine Plant in U.S”
• The Wall Street Journal finally catches up to USAToday. [NYT] “Front Page of Journal to Get Ads”
• Wearing a laminated and platinum studded version of this will be the next big thing in bling. [NYT] “Study Documents ‘Ghetto Tax’ Being Paid by the Urban Poor”
• “We don’t really know if the drug works; no one is claiming it works better than other, safer drugs; and we’re flying blind as far as safety goes, except for our own A.D.R. data that suggests telithromycin is uniquely more toxic than most other drugs.” [NYT] “Approval of Antibiotic Worried Safety Officials”
• As per Bernanke’s advice, glad to hear you’re slowing your roll. [CT] “Consumer Inflation Drops in June”
• Marketplace dominion is nice, but you haven’t really made it unless you inspire cult-like devotion. [CT] “Razr Hits Milestone; Motorola stock lags”
• Apparently, Florida is at a bit of a risk for grapefruit bruising. [CT] “State Farm to hike Florida rates 53%”