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Your Pumpkin Pie Probably Has No Actual Pumpkin In It

We hate to break it to the pumpkin purists out there, but that canned orange stuff you so lovingly scoop into pie shells every Thanksgiving is probably some other kind of squash dressed up as its gourd cousin. [More]

Stacy Spensley

FDA Tells Bakery: “Love” Is Not An Actual Ingredient In Your Granola

To quote Sir James Paul McCartney (CH, MBE), “Can’t buy me love, everybody tells me so / Can’t buy me love, no no no, no.” You also can’t, according to the Food and Drug Administration, list “love” as an actual ingredient in your granola. [More]


FDA Changes Tune, Will Require Restaurant Menu Calorie Info Starting May 2018

After repeatedly delaying the requirement that restaurants post calorie counts and other nutritional information on their menus — and after being sued by groups alleging that these delays are against the law — the Food and Drug Administration has finally agreed to start enforcing the menu labeling rule, beginning in May 2018. [More]


FDA Cracking Down On “Rogue Online Pharmacies” Accused Of Illegally Selling Prescription Drugs

While you may be tempted to skip the pharmacy and just order prescription drugs online, it could be very dangerous to use any unapproved medications from illicit online pharmacies. That’s why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — along with its international enforcement superfriends — is taking action against hundreds of sites accused of selling prescription drugs illegally online. [More]

Phillip Bradshaw

EpiPen Maker Allegedly Failed To Investigate 171 Complaints Of Non-Working Devices

The manufacturer of Mylan’s emergency allergy treatment devices has been accused of failing to investigate hundreds of complaints over three years that the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. failed to work properly, a failure that resulted in the deaths of several people. [More]

Eric Arnold

FDA Issuing Fewest Warning Letters Since 2008

The Trump administration has not been shy about its desire to cut regulations, so perhaps it’s not surprising that the Food and Drug Administration could be pulling back on its efforts to hold companies accountable. The FDA has sent out fewer warning letters to date this year than in any year since 2008. If warning letters and enforcement actions are down, does that mean we’re all less safe? [More]

Erin Collins

FDA Sprout Study Finds Bacterial Contamination, But You Can Still Eat Sprouts

How do you keep contaminated food from reaching consumers? The Food and Drug Administration recently set out on a project to test fresh foods that are often the subject of recalls, hoping to learn how common bacterial contamination is and how to prevent these foods from making people sick. This week, it released its report on sprouts, a fresh salad topping that makes people sick surprisingly often. [More]

FDA Warns: Don’t Use These Potentially Contaminated Liquid Supplements And Medications

FDA Warns: Don’t Use These Potentially Contaminated Liquid Supplements And Medications

The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and medical professionals not to use liquid supplements and medications made by Pharmatech, including some products marketed for use by babies and small children. These products — distributed under multiple brand names, including Rugby, Major, and Leader — may be contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria. [More]

Corey Pudhorodsky

FDA Warns Fertility Doc: Stop Advertising Service That Creates ‘3-Parent’ Baby

Last year, you may have heard of an impressive medical accomplishment, where the gametes of three people were combined to make one healthy baby. The doctor behind that procedure has now been warned by the Food and Drug Administration for advertising the still-unapproved procedure. [More]

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Papaya Recall Expanded, More Than 100 Salmonella Cases Linked To Fruit

Late last month, federal food safety regulators revealed they had linked a possible Salmonella Kiambu outbreak, including several illnesses and one death, to recalled papayas. Now a second recall has been initiated, as the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue investigating the outbreak, announcing that more than one hundred people have fallen ill.   [More]


There Are Six FDA Inspectors For 3,000,000 Shipments Of Imported Cosmetics Per Year

Every year, there are three million shipments of cosmetic products that pass through U.S. ports and onto our store shelves. The problem is that there are only six inspectors for all of those shipments, which means that .3% of them are ever inspected. Products like tattoo ink that goes under the skin and lipstick that could be ingested fall under “cosmetics,” and products could be dangerous. [More]


FDA Considering Lowering Level Of Nicotine Allowed In Cigarettes To Reduce Addiction

Could your future cigarette purchase come with a little less nicotine? It’s possible, as the FDA revealed today a new multi-year roadmap intended to protect kids and reduce tobacco-related disease and death. [More]

Someone Sued Because ‘Natural’ Nature Valley Granola Bars Contain Common Pesticide

Someone Sued Because ‘Natural’ Nature Valley Granola Bars Contain Common Pesticide

Although the term “natural” is not defined by the federal government — allowing basically any food company to slap it on a product’s label — a judge has decided that General Mills’ use of the term to describe granola bars that contain herbicide is not deceptive. [More]

Queso Recalled For Actually Containing Undeclared Milk And Cheese

Queso Recalled For Actually Containing Undeclared Milk And Cheese

Allergies can be a serious, life-threatening business — there’s a reason that businesses have to declare when they might have major allergens in their products. So while you might think it’s a bit of a no-brainer that something that literally has the Spanish word for “cheese” in its name does, in fact, contain cheese, the company is recalling jars that fail to properly disclose the cheese, milk, and eggs within. [More]

Endo Pharmaceuticals Agrees To Remove Opioid Painkiller Linked To HIV Outbreak From The Market

Endo Pharmaceuticals Agrees To Remove Opioid Painkiller Linked To HIV Outbreak From The Market

Weeks after the Food and Drug Administration said opioid painkiller Opana ER should be removed from the market amid concerns about the potential for abuse, Endo Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pull the drug, which has been linked to serious outbreaks of HIV and hepatitis C. [More]

Chris Rief

Is The FDA Doing Enough To Keep Problematic Personal Care Products Off Shelves?

When you slather that trendy beauty lip balm on or try a new shampoo for the first time, perhaps you’re under the impression that the federal government has a process in place that ensures that cosmetic or personal care product is safe before it touches your body. But the reality is that cosmetics manufacturers don’t have to obtain premarket approval before selling most new products — and whether or not they report adverse events related to those items is pretty much up to them. Some in the industry think it’s time for this to change. [More]

Trader Joe’s Grainless Granola, GoMacro & BulletProof Bars Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

Trader Joe’s Grainless Granola, GoMacro & BulletProof Bars Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

Granola and protein bars can make a great snack, but they aren’t as good when they come with a side of listeria. For that reason, Trader Joe’s and Wildway grainless granola, along with bars from GoMacro and Bulletproof are being recalled.  [More]

Dan Domme

FDA Decides To Delay New Nutrition Labels Until Some Vague Point In The Future

Only weeks after food industry lobbyists asked the Food and Drug Administration to delay the starting date for revised Nutrition Facts labels, their wish has been granted. The FDA has announced it plans to kick this can down the road by extending these deadlines — possibly by as much as three years. [More]