Ashley Madison Breach Victims Could Receive Up To $3,500 Each

Ashley Madison Breach Victims Could Receive Up To $3,500 Each

Seven months after Ashley Madison agreed to pay $1.65 million to settle federal and state probes into its lax security and deceptive practices, the company is back with another settlement that will see users whose personal information was breached when the adultery site was hacked in July 2015 recoup up to $3,500 for their troubles. [More]

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3 Reasons We Don’t Fully Embrace New Things Right Away

At opposite ends of the shopping spectrum, you have the early adopters who rush to embrace the newest and shiniest products the moment they hit the market, and then you have those who choose to clutch on to the familiar, refusing to change until they have no choice. Even those of us in the middle have likely found ourselves hesitating at some point, reluctant to try something new. Is there some innate distrust in most humans that makes it difficult to fully embrace the latest innovations?

Consumers Sue To Stop $107B Mega-Beer Merger

Consumers Sue To Stop $107B Mega-Beer Merger

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s formal $107 billion bid to acquire SABMiller is far from a done deal: federal regulators will likely be combing through the details of the proposal for quite some time to determine how it will affect the global beer markets, and consumers’ wallets. But it looks as if lovers of the sudsy drinks are a bit ahead of the game, filing a lawsuit to stop the mega-merger. [More]

Will Mega Beer Merger Lead To Higher Prices & Fewer Choices For Consumers?

Will Mega Beer Merger Lead To Higher Prices & Fewer Choices For Consumers?

With a $104.2 billion merger agreed to in principle, beer giants Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller could be walking down the aisle soon, creating a company that provides nearly 70% of the beer sold in the U.S. While such a mega-merger might be beneficial to the companies as far as increasing market share and cutting costs, the deal could have some very real consequences for consumers – and other beer producers.  [More]

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After 25 Years, Chicago Landlords Continue Rampant Illegal Discrimination Against Section 8 Vouchers

Under Chicago law, landlords are prohibited from discriminating against families who pay all or part of their rent using Housing Choice Vouchers – most commonly referred to as “Section 8.” But a new report shows that thousands of listings for rental properties in the city blatantly disregard the 25-year-old law, showing bias against low-income, minority residents.  [More]

VW Previously Recalled Some Vehicles Over Emissions Standards

VW Previously Recalled Some Vehicles Over Emissions Standards

Five months before Volkswagen was ordered by federal regulators to recall nearly 500,000 sedans that equipped with software that tricked emissions tests, the company sent notices to some owners that their cars were in need of an “emissions service action.” [More]

Macy’s To Close Dozens Of Stores In Early 2016

Macy’s To Close Dozens Of Stores In Early 2016

Just hours after Macy’s announced it would begin selling consumer electronics through Best Buy outlets in some of its stores starting this fall, the company announced it would also shutter dozens of underperforming locations beginning next year. [More]

Feds: Green Energy Ponzi Scheme Duped Consumers Out Of $54.5M

Feds: Green Energy Ponzi Scheme Duped Consumers Out Of $54.5M

When someone makes a promise that seems too good to be true: like saying you’ll be “stinkin’, filthy rich” if you invest in their green energy technology, it’s a good idea to look into that proposition with a little more scrutiny. That kind of attractive, yet ultimately worthless deal cost consumers nearly $54.5 million, federal prosecutors say. [More]

Nearly 80% Of Americans Hold Some Form Of Debt, But It Isn’t Always Bad

Nearly 80% Of Americans Hold Some Form Of Debt, But It Isn’t Always Bad

When most people think of debt, they probably conjure up a vision of consumers struggling to make ends meet after making unwise financial decisions. But that actually isn’t the case for most Americans. In fact, like other things, debt in moderation is actually a good thing. [More]

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Nearly 70% Of Consumers Rely On Online Reviews Before Making A Purchase

Everyone has an opinion, and nowadays most people are willing to share it; for better or worse. So it shouldn’t be surprising then – what with the sheer number of outlets available in which consumers can express their feeling about products and services – that nearly seven-in-ten consumers actually base their purchases on the digital recommendations of strangers. [More]

Many Americans Still In The Dark About Overdraft Fees & Other Bank Practices

Many Americans Still In The Dark About Overdraft Fees & Other Bank Practices

While millions of consumers contribute to the $32 billion in overdraft fees collected each year, a new video shows that many checking account holders don’t fully understand the way overdrafts work or how much they spend on the fees each year. [More]

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NHTSA Reviewing Petition To Open Investigation Into Ford Vehicle Lighting Issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened and closed an investigation into lighting issues in several models of Ford vehicles back in 2008 without demanding a recall. That decision apparently isn’t sitting well with a consumer group that has petitioned the agency to reopen the case after receiving additional complaints. [More]

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Nearly 7% Of Americans Say Their Smartphone Is Their Only Way To Get Online

We may often joke that losing our smartphone would mean being cut off from the outside world. While that’s likely an exaggeration for many consumers, a new report from The Pew Research Center finds Americans’ reliance on smartphones to stay connected with the rest of the world is very real, especially when it comes to accessing the internet. [More]


Outline For Payday Lending Rules A Good Start, But Not Enough To Fully Protect Consumers

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released the first details of long-awaited regulations governing payday loans and other small-dollar lines of credit known to thrust consumers into a devastating cycle of debt. While consumer advocates were quick to applaud the Bureau’s work, and those in the financial industry to voice displeasure with aspects of the potential rules, both groups agreed that the coming months will involve more time and effort to craft meaningful protections for both sides of the issue.  [More]

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Can New Payday Loan Rules Keep Borrowers From Falling Into Debt Traps?

Nearly one in four consumers continue to turn to high-cost, short-term financial products like payday loans, auto-title loans and other pricey alternatives when struggling to make ends meet, even though research shows these expensive lines of credit often leave consumers worse off than when they began. After nearly three years studying the issue, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now announcing its first attempt to protect consumers from predatory lenders. [More]

A desktop 3D printer on display at the MakerBot booth during the 2015 CES.

3D Printers: Should They Be In Every Consumer’s Home?

It would be an understatement to say that 3D printing is a big draw at the 2015 CES. The industry is well represented with small startups and well-known companies shilling the latest and greatest technology for creatively minded consumers. But aside from jewelry makers, hobbyists and educational institutions, we’re left wondering why would the average consumer want a 3D printer and what would they actually use it for? [More]

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Which Is Worse To Get Caught Drunk Eating On Video: Styrofoam Or Chips Off A Train’s Floor?

There’s something about today that is bringing in evidence of some behavior we’ve all likely been guilty of: Eating while drunk and feeling like whatever you’re consuming is just the best darn [insert preferred drunk food/cheese] you’ve ever ingested. But in the two videos the Internet has dumped ashore today, we’re pretty sure these people take that guilty pleasure to new heights. [More]