The News; High Interest Charged For Lending Of Ears

• Isn’t the real solution just to stop making more children? [NYT] “Congress Identifies Pornography Purchasers”
• Investment slumming on the backs of the marginal of wealth. You stay classy, broker-dealers. [CT] “Subprime Lenders Getting 2nd Look As Investments”
• You guys are so unamerican. [NYT] “Retail Sales Dipped in June”
• Have you ever heard of this wacky new site called Digg? It’s all the rage with the kids. [CT] “They Can Digg it: Sites Let People Decide News”
• The “states secrets” that isn’t. [CT] “Dismissal Sought of Phone-Records Suit Against AT&T”
• Home field advantage. Shortness of breath ensues amongst the 16,000 coat-tail hopefuls, causing them to reach for their pills. [LAT] “Verdict Bolsters Merck’s Vioxx”

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