For The Record…

• There are two editors at Consumerist, Ben Popken and John Brownlee. That means if you have a hope, a one and only hope, it’s actually two and only hopes. That’s twice the hoping power than never before! When emailing, feel free to address us jointly, as both of us read the tips line. This also explains the profligacy of the first person plural.

• The New York State Attorney General’s office did not return our request for comment on news of Spitzer going to talk to AOL again. Them: “Are you a reporter?” Us: “Yes, I’m a reporter, for The” Slippery slope friends, a slip-pe-ry slope.

• We neither are, nor have intention of becoming, class action lawyers, no matter how mean T-Mobile was to you about your “text to chat with sexy singles” fixation. Pick up a phone book.

• We had drinks this week with Mike Krempasky of Edelman PR. Nightline might mention that tonight so, ya know, you heard it here first. We paid for our own pints.