All The News That’s Fit To Self-Immolate

• Grocers hate it when their loss leaders have no followers. [NYT] “Sale Shoppers Annoy Grocers as They Save”
• Burning smell noticed by large newspaper. [NYT] “Dell’s Exploding Computer and Other Image Problems”
• People noticing distinctive fish smell from Lay’s coffin are noticed by large newspaper. [NYT] “A Sense of Something Rotten in Aspen”
• 100 years after its first publication, does The Jungle suffer from misleading packagaing? Perhaps a lack of oxygen to make it look more Red? [Slate] “Welcome to The Jungle
• It’s like that children’s game, would you rather have your hip disintegrate, or your jaw? [CT] “Lawyers gear up to attack Fosamax”


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  1. Falconfire says:

    Ken Lay…. it’s whats for dinner.

  2. TedSez says:

    Dear greedy, short-sighted grocery executives: The bargain shoppers of today will become your most loyal, constant shoppers of tomorrow — IF we have consistently good experiences in your store (and if we don’t end up discovering that your sale prices are merely a cover for jacked-up “regular” prices).

    In other words: It’s not us, it’s you.

  3. Morton Fox says:

    I don’t consume much groceries so most of my shopping trips are to pick up only sale items. They must hate me. :)

    Why can’t supermarkets just have consistent pricing on everything? If they’re going to have loss leaders, then they’re also going to have people who take advantage of loss leaders.

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..So I’m a cherry picker. Yeah, I have a Walmart list, a Sam’s Club list, and a Publix list. Frankly, though, it’s more about what items are available. Some things are only available at one store. Like Corn Flake crumbs. Only Publix has them, and I can’t make a decent potato casserole topping without Corn Flake crumbs and butter!

  5. etinterrapax says:

    That grocers are annoyed at customers who take advantage of bargains reminds me of the notion that rebates are not really meant to be redeemed. But hey, free market. In my area, I shop at two groceries and a Target, mostly because each of them has the best prices and/or selection on a specific category of goods that I buy regularly. Target’s best for paper goods, cleaning supplies, health and beauty, diapers, and cereal. Hannaford has the best sale prices overall. Shaw’s has the best produce. And if I could get all of those things in one store, I’d certainly shop there. But whenever that’s happened, the place has been a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and I don’t care for the crowds, among other things.

  6. RandomHookup says:

    I’ve figured out that grocer’s despise me. I not only cherry pick, I use coupons to do it, use competitor’s coupons when allowed and bring it to their attention when one of their promos doesn’t happen as advertised.

  7. ModerateSnark says:

    AcidReign: A roll of waxed paper and a rolling pin will pay for itself.

    1) Buy regular Corn Flakes.
    2) Pour on large sheet of waxed paper.
    3) Fold paper over Corn Flakes.
    4) Roll with rolling pin for approximately 4 seconds.
    Makes Corn Flake crumbs. Pick up waxed paper and use as a chute to dump crumbs into your casserole.

    Hope this recipe is to your liking.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..Thanks for the tip! I have done that when I ran out, but I’m not as proficient a cruncher as whatever machine Kellogg uses. I mix a cup of crumbs with a half a stick of melted butter before topping the casserole with them. Damn. I’m hungry again…