Cingular Lowers Bar On AT&T Customer’s Necks

Cingular duped and overcharged AT&T customers ported over following their merger, contends a lawsuit filed last Thursday.

The cellphone company assured federal regulators that the merger would be seamless, and it should’ve been, only requiring swapping out SIM cards. Instead, the lawsuit alleges Cingular tore apart the AT&T network, forced AT&T customers to switch equipment and pay upgrade costs. Those who wished to escape were slapped with a $175 early termination fee.

“Cingular promised AT&T customers it would ‘raise the bar’; instead, it lowered service quality, forced AT&T customers to move to Cingular, and then raised prices,” said Harvey Rosenfield, a lawyer for the nonprofit Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

For its part, Cingular has refuted the suit’s claims in their entirety and is considering a countersuit.

Perhaps now everyone will begin to see the wisdom of using VoTc? (Voice Over Tin Can).

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UPDATE: The firms representing consumers are SKWW&C and CPS&M .


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  1. thesilentnight says:

    I am still under my old AT&T contract for the next month or so. Somehow I’ve managed to maintain my celluar chastity this long, fending off Cingular’s peppered raping attacks to raise the bar in my ass. With that said, I need to get involved with this kind of lawsuit so if you know how to get in contact with the people filing it or if you can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Note that “refute” means “prove to be wrong”.

    I think you, and Reuters (blah blah journalistic standards blah blah what are they teaching kids in school these days blah), meant to say “denied”.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    2nd def: To deny the accuracy or truth of: refuted the results of the poll.

  4. thesilentnight says:

    Thanks for the additional information. I am trying to make contact as we speak.

    Also, I think “denial” would be a more appropriate term than “refute.” I know the 2nd definition for “refute” is synonymous with “deny” but thats a fairly loose and liberal interpretation departing from the legal sense of either word. From experience and reference to Black’s Law Dictionary “refute” means to PROVE such an allegation is false or wrong whereas “denial” means to CONTEST/DISPUTE/OPPOSE such an allegation. Take it for what its worth not that I care much, fuck Cingular.

  5. ModerateSnark says:

    Personally, I would change Cingular has refuted the suit’s claims to Cingular has stamped its little logo feet and cried “pants on fire!” regarding the suit’s claims.