AOL’s much ballyhooed plan to dismantle its subscription service and put all its content on, as well as discontinue to the use of “retention consultants” to “save” people from cancelling, is far from set in stone.

CEO Jonathan Miller still needs to present his plan to the board, which he will do in two week’s time. Miller has offered various strategies before to revamp operations, including online shopping, premium subscriptions with unique content, high-speed broadband and the free site.

The bull puts it best: “Ms. Cohen of Merrill Lynch said she had lost count of AOL’s various revival plans. “This one seems to make sense,” she said, “but so did their other strategies.””

Questions remain about the future of AOL, most especially, what beverage is best to pour on the grave? The dance to pack that drink in is, however, without mystery. Definitely the Electric Slide.

UPDATE: BREAKING: Spitzer To Talk To AOL, Again

At AOL, a Plan for a Clean Break” [NYT]

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