Four Star Hotels Smell Good

The smell of cinnamon apples wafting down the hallway. Fig, bargamot, jasmine and freesin scent gently wafting from the toilet. Pills that make your bowel movements smell like bakery fresh cinnamon rolls.

Many Four Star Hotels are using a olfactory branding to make the stays of their boarders more pleasant. Instead of being an electrified coat hanger jammed up the nostril, these are signature scents that are meant to evoke the corporate mood of the hotel you are staying in. Westin Hotels are White Tea Scented, Four Points smell like apple pies and and Sheraton will smell like ‘Welcoming Warmth’.

Certainly a step-up from the nasal ambience of sawdust, vomit and the coppery scent of encrusted ejaculate in the hotels that I can afford.

Four Points Hotels Use Power Of Scent [Brand Week]

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