Family Buries Dead Baby Under Bear Of Very Little Brain

A little while back, The Walt Disney Co. — in an extraordinary act of compassion — threatened to sue a couple of grieving British parents who wanted to put Winnie the Pooh on their stillborn child’s gravestone.

Well, good news: Disney’s now allowing the family to use the image. So that’s that.

We know: a company overzealously protecting its own interests with a frank disregard for human compassion? Who cares? We really wouldn’t report this story normally, but what makes it all so deliciously so morbid is the tombstone itself. Not only is it meant to feature Winnie the Pooh, but it’s also to sport the epitaph “A bear of very little brain.”

We can’t even begin to parse that. How is that appropriate to the grave of a newborn infant? Was the still-born baby anacephalic or something?

Disnet lifts ban on Pooh gravestone [UPI]

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