Circuit City Puts Out The Gimp

Heroic cripple motors to local Circuit City, drags his limbless torso in by a combination of Prince Randian-like body undulations and chin dragging. Purchases new battery for tongue-controlled wheelchair. Declines service plan. Vengeful Circuit City employee, denied a commission, cackles evilly as blasts of lightning streak behind him, casting him in penumbric silhouette. Makes handicapped customer carry wheelchair battery to the car himself.

Details are slim, so we might be overindulging ourselves in imagining the details. Nevertheless, a handicapped customer was made to carry out their own computer from Circuit City after buying a computer but not buying the extended service plan. “The salesperson actually put the computer in my arms at the very back of the store, this is a big store, where I paid for the computer at. He carried the keyboard. After I declined the extended warranty, he acted like he really didn’t care if I bought the computer or not. “

It’s all unproven accusation, of course. And the details matter in a case like this: how was this guy handicapped? Was it noticeable? Did he actually bother to ask for help? That said, we’re not surprised that a Circuit City employee got vengeful when denied the extended warranty commission — that’s practically all he’s being paid to sell.

As a commenter over at the BBB wrote: “Special treatment? Or common courtesy?” Whatever happened to that?

Circuit City Made Handicapped Person Carry Computer To Truck [Bad Business Bureau]

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