Consumer Affairs AOL Complaints Round-Up

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From Terri of Beaver Dam:

From Terri of Beaver Dam:

“Trying to cancel AOL during the free three-month trial is a nightmare. They continued to bill my account and credited it only when threatened,” she said. Two months after the account was supposed to be canceled, “there’s another unauthorized payment.”

From Doris in New Jersey:

“My son, who has Autism, had an AOL account. I cancelled it for him in October, 2005, by phone. In April 2006, while checking over his credit card bills, I noted he was still being billed. I called AOL again. The process took at least two hours to get to a live person who advised me he would cancel and I had to write a letter asking for refund. But since then, an audit of our checking account showed that AOL has withdrawn from our checking account twice a month $30.92.”

From Timothy in Missouri:

“I am being billed monthly by 2 different departments of AOL. They have permission to take only $14.95 monthly. They are debiting my account at will. I called and complained and now I’m being billed weekly.”

From Lynne in Chicago:

“I recently started reconciling my bank statements from 2005, when I noticed that AOL had started back to taking their monthly fee out of my bank account. Different amounts, some months $25.90 plus $3.95 and other months $23.90. I cancelled AOL in April 2005.”

From AOL:

At AOL, we have zero tolerance for customer care incidents like this — which is deeply regrettable and also absolutely inexcusable.”

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