AOL Canceler on CNN, For Reals This Time

Vincent Ferrari may not have hit prime-time on CNN last night, but his clip yukking it up with Jeanee Moos has made its way to the net. Here’s a ghetto screen capture:

All the outlets seem satisfied with AOL’s apology and have no idea about the more than strong resemblance it bears to their initial PR announcement.

Unfortunately, CNN requires use of their proprietary player. If anyone knows an easier way to snag this, or can do better, feel free to let us know.

Whaddya say? Time for a Consumerist video interview with Vince?

“Just Cancel My Account!” [CNN] (Thanks to Greg!)


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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    Questions for Vinny:

    – Both Matt Lauer and Jeanne Moos asked if you had regrets about John being fired. Would you be surprised if you found out the guy was never actually fired?

    – That was a nice clear recording. How’d you make it?

    – How do you feel about being the best thing Consumerist has ever posted?

    (Last question is a half-joke, starting with the cliche “How do you feel…,” but still a potentially interesting question. Better than “How do you feel about the media reaction?,” anyway.)