The News; Impotent Indignation

• The street price of Cialis is on the rise. “Drug Prices Up Sharply This Year” [NYT] [pic]
• Egalitarianism has left the airport. “Southwest to Try Seat Assignments” [NYT]
• Because pedophiles find it so hard to lie about their age online. “MySpace to Add Restrictions to Protect Younger Teenagers” [NYT]
• Son of Enron aborted. “Accounting Industry Loses Bid to Relax Rule“[LAT]
• For the Second Coming, Jesus should overturn the Cingular phone dealer’s tables. “Court Upholds Fine of Cingular” [LAT]
• The news is not that a data breach at VISA had a data breach that caused consumer’s debit cards to get stolen, it’s that they’re actually finally formally announcing it. “Visa Says ATM Breach May Have Exposed Data” [CT]

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