Monday Afternoon Reminders: All The Best Stories Are Yours

The Consumerist doesn’t write itself. Booze does. And when booze fails, under the murderous unblinking gaze of grim sobriety, reader tips takes the yokes off of our trembling shoulders and helps pull the site along.

All poetry aside, I want to illustrate for a second exactly how important reader stories are to The Consumerist. Look at last week’s most popular posts. Notice anything in particular? The astute will notice that they are all stories that came from readers.

Look, we’ll admit it: we can’t do this site without you. It’s the small stories, the one-on-one interactions with companies, that entertain and amuse, because they’re relatable. When it gets big enough to be an issue that affects tens of thousands, that’s when we stop caring as much, because it happens to a faceless crowd. But that one consumer getting red in the face, hammering his fist down in murderous rage as spittle flies from his lower lips? That’s just good reading.

So if you want to rage, mail us! We take anything: links, tips, complaints, comments, criticisms, naked pictures of lascivious female readers. Hit the jump for the stories we posted from you guys last week.

Poisoned Minds Summarizes The CSR
American Apparel Responds to Resignation Letter
Crappiest Laptop Table in the World Hates Lefties
AOL Fires Infamous CSR
The Dark Side of The Other White Meat
HOWTO: Cancel Anything
RegisterFly Crash Lands
Another Swell HSBC Loan Offer!
Update: Canceling Fax Service Like Passing Gallstones
Fun With Contextual Advertising: Consumerist Now Font Size Is A Business Model!
Beat an Ebay Scammer: Call His Mom
Canceling Fax Service Like Passing Gallstones
To Build a Better Butter
Under Crescents and Scimitars, USBGeek Delivers
Laptop Reward Traps the Myopic
Clear Channel Introduces One-Second Radio Ads
Boiler Room Made Flesh
Jaws Of Comcast
How To Get Your Phone Fixed: Make It A Pay Phone
The Best Thing We Have Ever Posted: Reader Tries To Cancel AOL
American Apparel Resignation Letter
UPDATE: Hertz Hatin’ On The Boroughs Too
Sweaty Anti-iTunes Hazmat Geek Speaks!
Dollar-Rent-a-Car Hatin’ On the Boroughs
Sicko Pimpfants
Taxi Driver
CompUSA Unaware of So-Called ‘Internet’

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