Fun With Contextual Advertising: KFC

The unintentional wit and wisdom of the internet. Note headline. Note ad in bottom right. Mmm…overflowing. Talk about being hoisted on your own moutarde! (Thanks to Rick Dobbs!)

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  1. Ben says:


    A few weeks ago I saw an article about Tommy Cruise and MI3 in some entertainment magazine (I was waiting to get my hair cut, maybe it was People?) and on either side of the article were big column ads for Wellbutrin.

    I about wet my pants laughing..

  2. The Comedian says:

    I spotted a funny contextual ad for (said in the voice of Hank Hill) “God’s Gas” on a “Leaky Propane Tank Almost Levels Neighborhood” story.

  3. ModerateSnark says:

    I don’t think even Homer Simpson has ever uttered

    “Mmmmm… transss fatsss… awaughgh…”

    (or however you spell that drooling sound.)