Update: Boston Macy’s Removes Gay Mannequins

A customer complained to Macy’s about their removal of gay mannequins from Boston window displays in response to a campaign by an anti-gay religious group.

“I have been a Macy’s card holder for many years and have shopped at stores all over the East coast. I will be cutting up my card and returning it to you when my next statement arrives after the fearful homophobia you have expressed in removing your Boston window display. Unforgivable.”

He received this clunker of a boiler plate in response. Do a shot every time they say “gaytarded.” Bolds are ours.

From: Macy’s East Customer Service
Subject: Tell Us What You Think – XXXXX, Mr. Rick
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 15:11:01 +0000

Dear Mr. Sxxxxx:

Macy’s has a long-standing and respected history of support for diversity. Our company philosophy is deeply rooted in diversity and inclusiveness. As such, we support a variety of causes in the communities that we serve. Our commitment and celebration of Gay Pride has been traditionally commemorated in our window displays. Our annual support of Gay Pride Week in Boston and in other cities where we operate clearly demonstrates our commitment to diversity. Macy’s commitment to diversity will continue to be an important part of our company and community outreach as we celebrate Gay Pride festivi! ties th is month and in the future.


Joann Sacco,
Manager Customer And Store Services
Sue McMahon’s Office
Macy’s East

For bonus fun, compare this letter to the one they sent those the plastic people protesters. It’s important to use the same voice when speaking out both sides of the mouth.

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  1. konstantConsumer says:

    ah yes. it’s important to be inclusive to bigots. i remember that time macy’s had a hannukah disply up, but a group of skin heads had a real problem with it. how nice of macy’s to placate everyone.

  2. I don’t think my comment made it onto the original post (gaytarded comment system!) but here’s the bulk of what I said then, and it stands even more now:

    Macy’s is sending two different messages to two different groups, but unfortunately for them they put them in the wrong envelopes. The letters they sent to the fundamentalist windbags says “Get stuffed; we support our gay customers and their wonderful homo dollars.” But all the gay boys and girls who walk by the storefront see that the mannequins that used to be there were suddenly removed. What’s that say to them (us)? We want your gay dollars but not you.

    Tell me… Did I decode that one accurately?

  3. PanicRoom says:

    Ah, the aporias of postmodernism:

    Group A wants to celebrate diversity and believes in everyone’s right to their own opinion and lifestyle;

    Group B’s opinion is that there should be no diversity and that everyone should think the same way they do;

    Group A wants to uphold diversity EXCEPT when it contradicts their own beliefs, thus denying Group B’s own claim to diversity;

    Group B whines that Group A doesn’t even live up to their own standards;

    Group A and Group B beat the shit out of each other;

    Macy’s whine that they don’t really give a shit one way or the other, since they’re just trying to make a buck.

    Someone should sell tickets.