The News: Evil Fur Gangsters

• “Worst Company in America” winner Halliburton expects to double their earnings in the next five years. Hooray for American industriousness. [NYT]
• Net neutrality didn’t lose yesterday in the House of Representatives, but it didn’t win either. [LAT]
• Hope you kept your receipts for those buckets of red paint, Polo announced it will stop using fur in its apparel and home collections. [LAT]
• From gangsta to wanksta: Grand Theft Auto settles with FTC over hidden sex scene. [CT]
• Scientologists want to be backseat drivers at NASCAR. [CT]

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  1. Boo. Hoo. Hoo. Get over it. Fur ROCKS. This is just one more reason not to buy anything by Ralph Lauren. (The first-most reason being that it all be ugly.)