Pith & Vinegar: Awkward Simile Edition

• You should definitely be suspicious if someone overseas wants to buy your car, pay you twice the asking price, and then have you send back the difference. [WP]
• Dealnews was named #24 in PC World’s 100 Best Products of the Year. We knew there was a reason we linked to them every morning. [DealNews]
• Gas prices to fall throughout June as oil companies ease the knife out slowly. [LAT]
• Get a bed with a sheet on it, a nice sheet and not, you know, something else. [Tribune]
• Is renting for suckers? Depends on what math you do. [InvestorGeeks]
• Vonage offered shares to customers before the IPO. Now that the stock tanked, customers are balking at paying up, and Vonage may pursue payment, which is sorta like breaking the knuckles on your amputated arm. [NYT]

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