Consumers Confused, Angry, Relatively Literate

We received several complaints today that don’t warrant a full posting on their own. Instead, they find home here, in a little place we like to call “Inchoate Consumer Rage Disproportionate to the Complaint’s Severity.”

Keanon writes, regarding X-Men 3: “I want my mothercrappin’ money back.”

No dice. That one’s on you.

KC gets PO’d when being asked for his/her zip code at checkout, asking, “Why not ask me my blood type to gauge if there’s a difference in sales from hour to hour or day to day?”

There’s an idea, blood demographics. The link between blood type, time and sales may be tenuous but certainly the same could not be said of the hot grip you have on your apoplexy.

Brad is thankful for gun laws as they prevent him from fully actualizing his checkout procedure acrimony…

He writes, “…if they weren’t so stringent I’d shoot the cashier who opens up a new checkout lane by screeching, “Who’s next?” as opposed to saying, “I’ll take (the person who has been waiting the longest and is almost at the front of the line right next to the new lane being opened up)”.

And I’d shoot the a-holes who are ten people behind me who scamper over to said cashier, and turn away as I politely scream, “Hey! Wait a minute! I’m next!” This is more the result of bad training than bad breeding. OR. IS. IT.?

-brad, in the parking lot, thisclose to following those clowns home….”

Someone forgot to take his Panexa this morning.


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  1. non-meat-stick says:

    I enjoyed the new X-men movie. I go into Hollywood productions with zero expectations so they can only impress me. I have to do this as to not explode while watching at home or in the theater. It also helps if someone else buys…

  2. AndyfromIL says:

    In some cases the zip code is a verification for American Express, it is required to match the zip on your account, I think.

    I usually give them 30458/Statesboro GA or 33569/Riverview FL, when I know its not gonna get the charge declined, like when I pay cash.

    If you don’t like their collection of data, f-up their database.

    Whats really bad is a store that actually asks for your full name, straight faced, then phone number, I had that happen at the Ralph Lauren outlet on my last trip there years ago. I gave in, but I have never returned and bought anything there.

  3. Paul D says:

    When asked for my zip, I always just say “55555” or “90210” or “867-5309, no wait, that’s someone’s number”. They usually get the joke; occasionally they also get that I’m not really joking.

    Basically, I make it known that I’m not giving them my real info.

  4. FredTheCat says:

    Often the purpose of collecting a zipcode (especially when they ONLY ask for the zip code) is to have an idea how far you’re driving to reach their store. If enough customers come from a given area that is not serviced by a store then that place is considered for opening of a new store to serve those folk.

    Not that it isn’t annoying, but it isn’t totally without logic.

  5. Mary Marsala With Fries says:

    This has become my favorite zip-code response: “Sure, that’ll be $1.50, please.”


    “My zip code. It costs a buck fifty.” (Wait for the stupid look to settle fully on the offender’s face.) “Hey, man, information’s not free these days. Companies make money off it, don’t they? Well, it’s MY info and I’m not giving it away for free. You want my name too? It’s five bucks, but I’m running a special where my address is only two dollars with purchase of my name…”

  6. Myron says:

    I like the reactions I get when I decline to give my zip code, phone number, etc when I’m trying to exchange money for merchandise. By the look I get, I have to assume A) I’m the first person who ever refused, B) I’m mean, C) I’ve ruined the cashier’s day, D) I should die right now.

    Actually, that was five years ago. Now the reaction is “Whatever, I hate this job anyways you prick.” So I guess we’re making progress.

  7. Jesse says:

    Wow, Myron, thanks for making everyone in line wait even longer behind you while you make a tired joke to someone who has absolutely zero affect on the store’s policy of asking for your ZIP code! Good on you!

  8. Jesse says:

    Oops, I mean Mary. Sorry, Myron.

  9. drsmith says:

    I just give them a non-existing zip code. I like to test them to see if they’re doing any validation on the data I give them. Failing that, I give them 90210(I live in the state of NY) or something from salt lake city, utah.

    As for phone numbers, I always give them 555-1212. Sometimes, they don’t even notice that’s the number for information.

  10. Clare says:

    Most of the time I just say, “Do you really need it?” and they say no. So I don’t give it. However, giving your zip code sometimes nets you a nice little bonus like the 20% off coupons I’m always getting from Bed Bath and Beyond.

  11. bifyu says:

    when asked for the info, I simply tell them I prefer not to provide it, and they don’t make a big deal of it. sometimes they key in something anyway, which I assume is either the store’s zip or some other zip they know well just so they can proceed. if they want to jam their own data, I have no problem with that.