Consumers Confused, Angry, Relatively Literate

We received several complaints today that don’t warrant a full posting on their own. Instead, they find home here, in a little place we like to call “Inchoate Consumer Rage Disproportionate to the Complaint’s Severity.”

Keanon writes, regarding X-Men 3: “I want my mothercrappin’ money back.”

No dice. That one’s on you.

KC gets PO’d when being asked for his/her zip code at checkout, asking, “Why not ask me my blood type to gauge if there’s a difference in sales from hour to hour or day to day?”

There’s an idea, blood demographics. The link between blood type, time and sales may be tenuous but certainly the same could not be said of the hot grip you have on your apoplexy.

Brad is thankful for gun laws as they prevent him from fully actualizing his checkout procedure acrimony…

He writes, “…if they weren’t so stringent I’d shoot the cashier who opens up a new checkout lane by screeching, “Who’s next?” as opposed to saying, “I’ll take (the person who has been waiting the longest and is almost at the front of the line right next to the new lane being opened up)”.

And I’d shoot the a-holes who are ten people behind me who scamper over to said cashier, and turn away as I politely scream, “Hey! Wait a minute! I’m next!” This is more the result of bad training than bad breeding. OR. IS. IT.?

-brad, in the parking lot, thisclose to following those clowns home….”

Someone forgot to take his Panexa this morning.

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