Pith & Vinegar

• Bayer sold HIV-infected medicine, but it’s ok, they sold it to foreigners. [MSNBC]
• Wikiepdia is not a good source to cite in your legal argument against Steve Jobs, judge. [The Register]
• The only way to cancel a Match.com subscription is by telegram. [Goff Spot]
• Inside a call center during a customer service failure. For some reason, the employees had a happy lobotomy before being interviewed. [Courier Journal]
• Shopping for lingerie at Agent Provacteur includes free critiques of your boobs. [The Company Bitch]

Zotspot is a new search engine that pays you to use it. We’d rather save the opportunity cost of not using Google, but we’re of limited imagination. [DJ Frustration Gone Wild]
Kayak.com launched a new “flexible search” feature, allowing users to find fares on multiple, alternative dates. Yay.
• The problem with business today is a severe lack of game theory. [FastCompany]

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