Kids Don’t Realize Phones Have Vibrate Feature

A British paper is claiming that some no good punks have figured out a way to make their mobile phones inaudible to adults.

The theory is that since children have a greater capacity to hear high-pitched sounds, the ringtone will allow them to answer their phones with impunity in class. Which doesn’t make a lick of sense — even if your phone is inaudible (and that’s what vibrate is for), adults are still going to be suspicious when you loudly scream, “WHAZZUP, GIRLFRIEND! JUZ CHILLIN’ YOTE,” in the middle of Algebra class to nobody in particular. Then again, kids are idiots.

The ringtone is apparently modified from an anti-mosquito device. No one’s quite sure if it actually works, although there’s some people who wrote into Boing Boing swearing they couldn’t hear it but their slothful, lazy progeny could.

Pupils perform ‘alarming’ feat []

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