Alexa Has Very Explicit Response To Toddler’s Seemingly Innocent Song Request

Image courtesy of f0t0b0y on YouTube

In what could either be an innocent mistake or a set-up by wise adults, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa gave one toddler a very interesting answer to his request to hear a specific song.

“Alexa, play ‘Digger, Digger,'” the tyke tells an Echo Dot sitting on an end table in a video posted on YouTube. Now, we’re not experts on children’s music, but this could be either the song “Diggers, Dumpers and Trucks” by Kidzone, or “Diggers (Diggers and Dumpers)” by a fellow named Tractor Ted.

Any way you slice it, Alexa’s answer is not either one of those options. Instead, she spews a string of obscene words including “dildo,” to the dismay and immediate amusement of the adults in the room who yell, “STOP, ALEXA! STOP!”

It appears that for unknown reasons, Alexa was attempting to play a 27-second track with a very vulgar title (warning: probably NSFW) that’s included on an album called “Ultimate Comedy Ringtones: Vol. 2,” which sounds a warning that the phone’s user has too much porn on it for an incoming call to go through.

“Warning, warning! Too much porn detected on this device,” a man’s voice declares in the track. “There is too much porn on this phone! You must delete some porn now to make way for this incoming call,” and on for a bit in that same vein.

As for why “Digger, digger” would prompt Alexa to search for that ringtone track, you’ve got me. It’s been a weird year.

(h/t NYMag, Gizmodo)

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