Deals, Mourned

Way back in the olde tyme of March 1, 2006, our Morning Deals Roundup led many of our readers to lie to Microsoft in hopes of receiving a free USB drive.

Instead of receiving the freebie 6-8 weeks later, they got a message 12 weeks later that Bill Gates had run out of USB drives.

Would-be flashers received an email today informing, “Supply is depleted at this time, so we encourage you to please utilize the online alternative today.” What? An online version of a flash drive? No, the online alternative they suggest is to purchase Windows licenses.

A strange bait and switch, almost, a mystery…which is a mystery unto itself because the guiding drive of the campaign was, “Some things will always be a mystery, Windows Licensing doesn’t have to be.”

Apprently it chooses to be so anyway all on its lonesome. (Thanks to Jpa and Jim!)