The Sexiest Town on the Internet

Trends is perhaps one of the more hypnotically useless applications to come out of the Google hive mind lately. For example, Google Trends confirmed what Ben and I already knew: we need to infuse this site with a lot more porn, if we’re going to get more visitors from cities like Elmhurst, Illinois. Specifically anal porn, because not only is Elmhurst the most smut minded of all American cities according to Google Trends, but they are also the city most interested in sodomy.

Elmhurst, Illinois, is apparently way into sex. Or at least the idea of sex (googling that hugely broad term returns a decidedly unsexy array of sites, including those for “Sex and the City,” the Sex Pistols,, the National Sex Offender Registry and Sex Addicts Anonymous — not exactly a steaming cup o’ hot titillation).

But that’s not all. Elmhurst has darker, juicier secrets. Turns out Elmhurst is also, at least for 2006, the town most actively looking up “anal sex” (followed closely by Norfolk, Va., and, of course, San Antonio, Texas). And also “porn.” And also “gay porn” (just ahead of Las Vegas). And also “vibrator.” Do you sense a trend? I sense a trend. And also someplace I might need to get a summer home.

What does this say about Elmhurst? What does this say about small towns across the United States? What do you think it says? Because that’s pretty much what it says.

Elmhurst, Illinois… our kind of town!

Elmhurst, Ill., Loves Gay Porn [SFGate]
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  1. Rick Dobbs says:

    You know who’s based in Elmhurst don’t you? Keebler.

    And if there’s anything I’ve learned on my journey this life, it’s this:
    Elves love porn.

  2. I grew up in Elmhurst, so I just want everyone to know that I moved to Naperville over 3 years ago…so it’s not me!

    Anyway, I don’t think this is a fair representation of Elmhurst, as google is tracking by IP which is only going to give the server location, not the individual. So rather than say Elmhurst, the trend would more accurately say “Elmhurst Servers for Comcast, SBC,etc.” which would include the surrounding suburbs of Lombard, Hinsdale, Northlake, etc.

    If you ask me, it’s those dirty Hinsdale people!

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Karen writes:

    “On Friday, there was a big story in the Sun Times about Elmhurst, IL being the #1 source for searches on the word sex on Google. This did not seem right to me so I decided to check. Here is a copy of the email I sent to the Sun Times and TV Stations.
    1. When you check the… (and click on tab that says Cities) it shows Elmhurst United States.

    2. According to mapquest, there are at least 10 Elmhursts in the US.

    3. Of the 10 listed on mapquest, it is interesting to note that Elmhurst, NY is in Queens and is also home to Rikers Island Prision and LaGuardia Airport among other things. The IP hub there is HUGE.

    I checked and the first reference I found to this search results and Elmhurst, IL was on a blog (which posted on May 11 and had “Elmhurst, IL ? ” (Note the question mark). Only on other blogs that referenced the first blog could I find Elmhurst, ILLINOIS.

    Per their written disclaimers on what is clearly identified as a BETA site, and my experience of repeated attempted requests to Google regarding clarification on this issue, which true to their disclaimer, they will not address. The 45 thousand residents of Elmhurst, Illinois want to know what FACTS you can offer to back up your story that these searches are credited to us- or was the story just in the Sun-Times, and you did a cursory check then ran with it?

    If you have any understanding of how these stats are compiled, or had bothered to read the fine print on that site where they explain IP collections and reporting I seriously doubt that this story would have made it out of the gate.
    Chanels 2 & 7 removed it as the lead story on their websites, 5 waited till Sat. afternoon. Since then, the story has also been replicated in San Fancisco where the headline was “Elmhurst, IL loves gay porn” and was picked up by UPI. Yet, not a single reply from any of the reporters who “broke” the story. This is Dewey beats Truman. The reporters who have called me seem to think the bigger story here is what are the reporting practices in place that could allow so many news outlets in Chicago to repeat each other’s mistakes. Also, since then a lot about the data has come out. Check out:… “