Guy Kewney’s Congoese Doppelganger to be Deported

Poor Guy Goma! For a brief moment, that Congoese crackerjack who expertly bullshitted his way through a BBC interview on the Apple Records vs. Apple Computers judgment when he was mistaken for Guy Kewney looked like he was well on his way to television stardom. We personally envisioned a syndicated call-in show where Guy Goma fielded questions about subjects on which he knew absolutely nothing. While the real Guy Kewney fumed and sputtered, Guy Goma became a star, dreaming of capitalizing on his sudden fame to find work.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t look like it is going to have a happy ending: Goma’s television stardom has alerted UK immigration authorities to the fact that he is unemployed and has long overstayed his tourist visa. They are looking to deport him straight back to the Congo. You’d think that some intrepid British television producer would be savvy enough to recognize Goma’s star potential and arrange a work visa for him.

BBC’s instant celebrity may be deported
[Washington Times]
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