US Bank: The Turning of the Screw You

From reader Pointed Cap, a finely crafted and amusing tale of US Bank customer service ineptitude with a real kicker at the end.

I am a former US Bank account holder. This story makes me feel good about that. For various and sundry reasons, I need a bank statement from nine months ago. It’s nowhere to be found – not in my file cabinet, nor my workbag, nor my kindling pile.

So I call US Bank’s nationwide customer service, 800-872-2657. They say no, they can’t provide old bank statements to former account holders. I need to take my photo ID and $6.00 to the branch where I opened the account.

Me: “I opened my account in 1986. That’s 20 years ago. Is that branch still open?”
US Bank Rep #1: “Yes sir, that bank is still open at such-and-such address.”
Me: “How do I get there?”
US Bank Rep #1: “I suggest calling the branch and asking for directions.”
Me: “I know WHERE it is. I don’t know HOW I’m going to travel 1,100 miles to get there.”

It gets better, after the jump…

    “After more clever back-and-forth, US Bank Rep #1 directs me to a Local Branch where my ID and $6.00 should do the trick.

    Me: “OK, what do I do when the Local Branch directs me back to you?”

    US Bank Rep #1: “They won’t do that. They can help you there. But call first.”

    I call first.

    Local Branch Rep: “Our system doesn’t go that far back, you have to call US Bank Customer Service.”


    US Bank Rep #2: “Yes I can provide that bank statement for you. No charge. I’ll waive the $6 fee since you’re not an account holder. Where would you like me to send it?”

    Wha!??! So I level with him. I tell him I’ve been bouncing around for 30 minutes getting all kinds of different stories. Would it help their processes if I complained to someone about it?

    US Bank Rep #2: “You can complain if you want, but we’ll just put it up on the board with all the other things we need to work on.”


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  1. At least the last rep was honest…

  2. KevinQ says:

    I hope Pointed Cap got Rep #2’s name and extension, because a rep that honest and helpful is worth their weight in gold.


  3. spine_11 says:

    us bank doesn’t care about black people.
    seriously, these people think they are better than everyone else.
    the only cool thing about us bank is their atm terminal at wild kingdom in orlando.

  4. misskaz says:

    I’m a former US Bank account holder as well. For me the final straw was when I took money out of an ATM in San Diego. The receipt said it was a US Bank ATM, yet I was charged ATM fees by the machine and also by US Bank. When I called customer service, receipt in hand, they said there was nothing they could do. They had sold the ATM and the new owner had not changed the receipts, so it wasn’t actually in their network. I very politely suggested they could at least refund their portion of the fee as a good will gesture, but they declined. I took my business elsewhere (to USAA).

  5. Ben Popken says:

    USAA rocks.

  6. clash42 says:

    Yeah, i must say that when it comes to banks, USAA owns all over the place, they refund up to 10 or so ATM fees every month, they have good rates on car insurance and loans. All around a great bank.

    • Jeremy says:

      The rates aren’t that great Progressive still beats them out and their home owner insurance that they quoted me is at least 250.00 more annually then my current carrier.

  7. Nottma says:

    I would of asked for that rep’s name and to talk to his manager to report him as a very useful asset to their team.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Yeah I was happy about USAA until they had US bank handle my mortgage now they keep screwing crap up.