Man Wants Refund on Jet He Bought on EBay

Ah, the thrills and chills of hearing the rumblings of the world’s next great superpower: Chinese Ebay.

From Reuters:

    Zhang Cheng, a Beijing businessman, bid $24,730 and paid a $2,000 deposit for a Russian MiG-21 on Ebay.

    But legal experts informed Zhang that the MiG-21, located in Idaho in the United States, was “almost impossible to ship back.”

    Moreover, the seller clearly confined the destination of the plane to the United States and Canada.”

Now Zhang wants a refund. What would the negative feedback be on the seller’s Ebay profile? “Bad shipper minus minus. Refused to ship an advanced weaponcraft from USA to China.

Has Mr. Cheng considered flying it back to China? We hear planes are really good for that whole traveling through air thing.