Patagonia Rocks

Curt is a happy Patagonia customer. He bought a fleece sweater in 1977 and he was able to get it fixed by them, at no charge, over 29 years later. Now that is some great customer service!

Kudos to you, Patagonia.

Curt’s letter, after the jump.

Curt writes:

In 1977 I purchased a Cobalt blue Patagonia “Synchilla” fleece sweater. Approximately 20 years later the zipper finally gave way. The rest of the sweater was fine. They had advertised that the fleece wore like cast iron. I wrote Patagonia and inquired about purchasing a replacement zipper. They replied wanting to know approximately what year I had purchased the sweater as there were several shades of the Cobalt blue over the years and wanted to get the right match. I replied and they sent me a zipper at no charge. Not only that but they requested I send the repair bill to them and they would refund my expense. I did and they did. The sweater is still going strong almost thirty years after purchase. Now if they could fill the small hole someone burned it would look good as new. Customer service does not get any better than this.