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Adam Fagen

Patagonia Says It Raised $10 Million For Charity From Black Friday Sale

Outdoor outfitter Patagonia attracted positive attention when it announced that it would be open on Black Friday, but donate all of its sales (not its profits: all sales) from retail stores and its website to environmental charities. Now the sales have been tallied, and the retailer took in a total of $10 million. [More]

Cash Mobs Are Way Better At Helping Boost Local Businesses Than Flash Mobs

Who needs a crowd of people dancing to a pop song in an elaborately choregraphed public maneuver, designed only to get attention? Well, sure, flash mobs are fun to watch, sure, but cash mobs — large groups of people descending on local businesses to give sales a push — are a lot more productive in terms of helping a community. [More]