Monday Morning Reminder: Feed The Sharks

It’s that time again: knees bent, faces blubbering against your belly, our pathetic plea for your consumerist tales.

Got a tale of customer service woe set to make the sphincters of all your fellow consumerists pucker in sympathetic horror? Tell us!

Know a truly excellent company that deserves our praises and maybe one of those cardboard Science Fair certificates of excellence that Popken bought at the dollar store? Let us know!

Annoyed by the trend that we started today: Bukkake Monday? Hate us!

Decided to make a six dollar “service included” charge at your local Persian restaurant into an Internet-wide campaign for Semitic Autonomy? We don’t give a shit.

Here’s just some of the stories that Ben and John remembered to tag ‘reader’ over the last week:

Ugly American Apparel
Time To Human Vs. Time To Sentience
Collection Agencies Add Insult to Snowboard Injury
Continental’s Customer Service Plane Goes Boom
Happy Happy Consumer Day!
Ask The Consumerists: Getting Out of Credit Card Debt
Cable Install Horrors: The Wall Fish Expert
Blimpie Pops


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  1. Bubba Barney says:

    Speaking of Bukkake, this is a post on my friend’s page:

    ‘Anyway, part of our Camden Crawl goodie bag contained a double cd with a song by every band that participated.

    What I want to know is why, when I put Disc 1 into my computer, does it come up on iTunes as titled Bukkake Ruined My Carpet, the songs are all by Cocknocker.

    And the song titles include ones such as ‘Rusty Rim Licker’ and ‘Hillbilly Rectum Swap.’ Methinks someone is in trouble.’