All The Replacement Manuals You Can Shake A Stick At

Courtesy of Gizmodo, courtesy of Lifehacker (that luscious light of our lives!), we found this excellent source for those discard, dog-eared, coffee-crusted appliance instruction manuals interred in ignominy somewhere in your kitchen drawer. has hundreds of replacement manuals for mobiles, DVD players, stereos, cameras… you name it! If you’ve ever torn your face off trying to navigate the confusing labyrinth of drop down menus at a manufacturer’s site to figure out how to reprogram the time on your microwave oven, this will be a welcome resource.

And here’s a related compendium of the kind of replacement docs: video game manuals. has practically every lost Nintendo or Atari manual you can think of. Great if you can’t remember how to get Link to throw a boomerang at an Oktorok but also a worthy browse for nostalgia’s sake. (Thanks, Lifehacker!)

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