Superman Hates, Kills Smokers

For your Monday Morning Bemusement, Superman takes on Nick O’Teen, insidious Irish personification of underage smoking.

I love the expressions on the kids’ faces: “Bu… bu… bu… you didn’t have to kill him.” And is Superman channeling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lobotomized brother with his accent? “Wid muh X-Ray vizzhun, Ah cahn say duh arm dat underage masturbation causes…”

Superman Hates Smokers [You Tube]


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  1. yerfatma says:

    Sounds more like “Superman Hates the Irish.” Which was a Fleischer Superman cartoon from the Depression.

  2. Scott says:

    Would Superman kill Fred Flintstone, too??

  3. airship says:

    I remember an old Superman comic book where Clark Kent tries smoking a pipe to ‘see what he’s been missing’. His reaction was ‘Whew! If I had human lungs, they’d be curdled by now’ and he crushes the pipe. Somehow, it’s sad that I remember that verbatim.
    For a modern take on Superman smoking, see: