This Week in: Best of The Consumerist

The five top stories you fawned over the most week, ranked from most fawning to least.

  • SuperShuttle Not So Super, Maybe Duper. Who knew a dumb headline like that would be the week’s number one story?
  • Bite Taken out of Apple’s Customer Service. Story also contains Steve Jobs’ real email address.

  • Verizon Wireless Doesn’t Want Your Money. An astounding, but true tale from beyond. Beyond what? Reason.

  • Florida Police Retaliate Against Investigative Journalist. Nobody likes a snitch. Nobody engaging in criminal behavior, that is.

  • Verizon D.S.L. = “Does Suck Loads.” We’re sorry, sir, you must’ve been hallucinating that you used to have a faster internet connection with us.

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